The Mantuary

mantuary /mænʈʃʊ:ri/ ● n. informal male sanctuary

Welcome to The Mantuary, purveyors of male grooming since ’22. 

You will find here a community of persons who are particular about their appearance, who want to look and feel refined and ready for action every day.

Step in to The Mantuary and you will step into a space where you feel restored and respected.   An enjoyable environment where you can nip in for a quick shave, stay a little longer and have your nails filed & buffed or book in some ‘you time’ and explore our indulgent maintenance treatments and facials.

Arrive early and work peacefully in our club lounge while you wait for your treatment. Or stay a while longer afterwards and hang out for a chat on our comfy sofas. 

You’ll find an array of potable liquids – coffee, tea, locally sourced soft drinks, chilled beers and an exclusively curated range of Scotch. 


relaxing, refreshing treatments

Welcome to The Mantuary, a male grooming emporium dedicated to persons particular about their appearance. Here you will find a community of like-minded individuals who want to look their best every day.



The Mantuary walk-in barbers shop and purveyors of refined men’s haircut pomades, opened its doors in ’22. Our venerable team of Dundee barbers offer a roster of the finest gentleman’s hair and beard care services in our most excellent accommodation.

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We are genuinely excited to launch The Mantuary’s male grooming concept in Dundee, and have grand plans indeed.  If you like what you’ve seen so far then join us as a Founder Member and be part of the original Mantuary Club.

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